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Thread: Problems with bitmap imports

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    Look at this interesting problem.
    (Somebody help...)

    I have imported a .gif in a new movie in frame 1 and i resized it. Then i exported as .swf and the quality of the image was OK.

    In the same movie I have added a new blank frame. (only an empty frame!!!!). So: frame 1: a .gif, frame 2: nothing, just the frame. Then i exported/tested as .swf. The quality!? MISERABLE.

    I don't know what is the problem.

    Can somebody explain to me?

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    You must have done something without knowing..
    Flash is terrible anyway with images...it's one of the biggest lacks of the software.

    The main problem is the bad algorithm it uses to filter resized images, the second is the difficulty in obtaining an image without filtering (to do this you must brake it apart and resize it to it's original size - when you brack an image it looses 2px in width and height - but this already makes artifacts on the result...then you have to deselect "allow smoothing" from the image symbol properties and then manually update the image symbol).

    I actually realized that using dynamically imported and resized jpg's gives a good result (when reducing dimensions to adapt the image to the "frame"'s size).

    Anyway, you must take in account that Flash has a double control on image compression, one in the publishing settings, and another in the properties of each symbol (wich can be overdriven if wanted).
    The compression of images is awesome, as importing a jpg professionally compressed with Photoshop, you can still reduce the image file size of 70%...
    Another very cool thing is the way it uses advanced PNG images...probably it just compresses the image and the alpha channel as separate JPG images..anyway it's able of reducing the size of 90%, compared to the originally imported PNG file.
    GIF is onest, nothing special, probably I would prefer more control over the saved colors..

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    Sorry to bring an old thread up but this bug still exists and is causing me problems.

    What the first poster says is exactly true, if the top timeline of a movie only contains one frame all bitmaps are resized and smoothed perfectly. If the top timeline contains more than one frame (even if you never go to it!) all bitmaps are pixel resized, not smoothed, and look poo.

    Has anyone found a reason or resolution to this bug? Other than having the whole movie in a movie clip that's on one frame? (Which isn't a viable work around in this case cause I have no control over the top movie)


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