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How can CSS replace this technique of page formatting?
Well, you can instruct certain portions of text to be a certain size, color and word spacing. Each box or layer can have its own backdrop color or backdrop image and these images can be tiled on the x or y axis.(This all depends if the browser has followed W3C rules.)

Say, if you have a site of several hundred pages and the client suddenly wants the text to be dark grey instead of black, a linked external style sheet will change every page instantly rather than highlight each portion of text in Dreamweaver and then change the font tag color.

This forum is handled using CSS text formatting.


Try the fully working trial versions of these which show CSS at work with easy to use examples and tutorials.

what do you guys think about the use of frames?
is it allowed or is it bad?

Frames are handy for certain navigations. Say, a Flash navigation (with a animation build) pointing to .html or server pages underneath. Without frames, on clicking for each different page, the Flash animation part would keep reseting and going to the start frame and thus building the animation for the buttons again. With frames used correctly, this can be avoided.