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Thread: stupid-ass scrollbar component doesn't scroll. wrf i should just call it 'bar' ?

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    what's the deal with this scrollbar component? i followed the helpfile's instructions: create dynamic textbox, name instance, drag scrollbar onto textbox, it auto snaps, matches length, and links to the box.

    when i test, the scrollbar arrows are greyed out, and i can't scroll. i am, however, able to scroll the textbox itself by selecting the text. wtf?

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    I've been doing TONS of dynamic text stuff lately and I'll admit that the scrollBar isn't really well thought out, which is odd because it seems like the scrollPane is. But anyway..... How are you getting your text into your dynamic textbox?

    also check out this movie I upload to FK it has alot of textfield and scroll stuff and will probably answer your question:


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    thanks for the reply

    i'm loading from an outside .txt source

    i decided to make my own scrollbar, and it turns out to be a lot easier than figuring out the crappy scrollbar component.

    just one thing - if you could help me:
    I want it to constantly scroll when i rollover, but it only scrolls one line per rollover:

    on (rollOver) {
    newsup.scroll += 1;

    i can imagine there's a simple way to make it scroll constantly?

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    Just make sure your text field has an instance name. For instance, if the text field has an instance name of InstanceName_1, you get the scroller to kick in with this code:

    InstanceName_1.text = theVariable;


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