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Thread: grafix 4 flash--> sticking with macromedia or going adobe?

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    Which is the easiest and most appropiate vector grafix software to use with flash(mx)? I tried fireworks, and its easy to copy & past, but the grafic tools sucks. I tested freehand about a year ago, and I didnot understand it, maybe there is a mx release that works best ( tell me!).
    I know that adobe illustrator is good, but is it easy to paste the grafix to flash, or do I have to "export as" and import (that sucks)? There really should be people in this forum that has the answers. Thank you.

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    illustrator is what I prefer

    When using illustrator 10, you can export the vector based image or any image to swf...
    This way you get good quality images in flash.
    But I think that is the only way, you might try copy and pasting it in Flash but can't tell you now if that works allright..

    greets Frenk

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    Hi i'm an illustrator man myself

    fireworks is v good at what it does but i would nt use it to draw stuff

    freehand is also good but i dont like the panels fiddly little things (it can do multiple pages which is the only plus)


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