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Thread: Video/Audio sync problems - anyone else?

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    Has anyone else experienced problems with video (incorporated within MX) moving out of syne with the sound track?

    I have not been able to reliably play a synced clip through to the end. I'm using a Quicktime segment compressed with the Sorenson codex (our of Adobe Premiere). I've tried various frame rates (down to 12 fps). The clips are not large, maybe :30 sec to a minute with a frame size of 360 X 240. Audio quality is set failry low. It's playing off a 10K RPM hard drive on a decent computer. The audio moves more out of sync as the clip plays.

    Is it just me? Any help or advice is welcome!

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    thats a problem everyone is having i think.

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    Wildform Moderator
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    It's a frequently reported problem.
    You may want to check out our software, Flix, which will encode video into MX swf's with perfect sync.
    Flix will also create FLV files that can be imported into Flash. The problem with those is that when you import it and then export from Flash, it goes out of sync again.
    But you can use the Flix MX video output with Load Movie and then retain your sync.

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    Thanks for the replies. I'll keep at it. I'll probably download the Flix demo and see if that's an answer.

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    Brian Monnone
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    I'm sure you've tried this but nobody has addressed it here....you need to be sure the Flash's framerate excatly matches the imported video rate. Very important. Your video will for sure be off if you don't do this.

    I've NEVER had a video sync problem by the way...so I don't think this is common problem.

    Good luck.

    - Sigma

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    audio sync

    What you discribe is usually caused pecause the play every frame choice is selected in the movie properties section of QT. You need to go in there and uncheck it before you import into flash.

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    Hi Bernie, What you say seems to make sense. I haven't seen that option however - where would I find it? I use Premiere to export to Quicktime and I don't see a "paly every option" button there. I've tried unchecking the "Synchronize video to to Flash frame rate" in the Flash import video setting dialoge box and that dosen't seen to make much difference.

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    Flix fixed my synch problems, too. But for really tough synch problems, try importing the audio and video on separate layers, setting the audio to streaming. This seems to always work.

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