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Thread: cool glare effect.....

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    If you go to:

    and click on the "news" icon you will see the "neostream news" cover graphic. My question is this: How do you get that shiny glare to run across a graphic, in this case the shiny glare running across the "sun" figure graphic.


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    I don't really know how they did it, but you can easily achieve such results with masking. Here mask would be the graphic with blue background underneath and the glare tween running across.

    Arshad [aka Ashper]

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    Easy one bro.
    Just mask the sun using a background with a tube like gradient using the colors you want the sun to be.
    Check it Bye.

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    This might work:

    make a square w/ fill, erase the design you want into it, now make a gradient filled bar, put the bar in a movie and make the motion tween and so forth, put the bar movie in the main scene and now put the design square on top of it. It should work.

    a.k.a FishBrain

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    howdi .. well im not too sure.. but ive kinda done an effect like this before.. and yes.. it was with masks?
    .. u put anotehr masking layer ontop and on that layer.. u make the kinda shiny effect.. for example
    layer1 = a square
    layer2 = a radial gradient white and black
    .. and then.. the square runs over this gradient to giev the effect that under the square is shiny.. OR
    .. u can
    layer1 = radial gradient
    layer2 = square
    .. and then.. the square is over the picture.. and the thin.. radial gradient just glides over the picture to give the effect that it is under a light..
    well.. im lost.. but so are you .. happi flashing

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