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Thread: HTML target path in Flash

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    Okay, this is it, I have a website. It has frames. There is a flash navigation bar in one frame and a the content in the other. So I want the Flash buttons in the navbar to target the other frame so i want to use this code: certainpage.html target="showframe". I labeled the other frame "showframe" if ya didn't know. But the script doesn't work when i use the target="showframe" command, it irks me!!! I guess I could just skip the flash and do it all with JavaScript and rollovers, but if you would help me it would save a LOT of programming! Thanks to ANYONE who replies to this. -kevin If you have any questions just email me: kevin@bsanimation.com, thnx

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    i think you must give a name for each frames in the htm pages and then you can call this frames in flash with getURL


    that time your problen can be finish

    the secent way is you can use java script and make a function then call it from swf

    good luck...

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