I have a problem with pixel fonts, i was helping a friend of my with a flash project that was going to be on a cd. The problem was my friend was using mini 7 as the font, it was set as static text and 'use device fonts' was selected. If i understand this right i believe when you select device fonts it embeds the font so anyone can see it. Originally the project was done on a mac and when we tried it on a pc the font looked bad, besides it being smaller than we planned it wasn't even the right font...i've spent the whole day trying to figure this out. I even made sure the font was used at the size it was ment to be(10) or multiples of ten. I even kepr the font x/y axis at even integers and still it dosen't look right. I hoping i can solve this as soon as possible, so i'm wondering if anyone can help me, any help will be apreciated