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    I am newbie with some days experience. I have designed a site (incomplete though) for a friend. I have placed it at http://www7.ewebcity.com/ashper/FrontLine2.html
    Will someone comment on that please ?

    I need some real criticism so that I can improve it.


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    I don't know what to say!.
    it's Ok, but basic.
    The only suggestion i can give is, Browse the site check and get inspired.
    learn but don't rip off.

    thats what i did. hope it works for ya!


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    Thumbs up remove mouse text

    Hi... u need to remove the text thta folows the mouse,
    or else the site is realy cool :-)

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    hiya Arshad,

    welcome to graphic design... hope you don't like but love

    your site:

    first thing:
    horrible font! (why is that the first thing i always see?
    blame it on my typographic education).
    it's distorted to the point of illegibility. that makes it
    almost impossible to use even for headlines or links.
    the text and the font you use for it are vital elements of
    if you want to use a condensed font with an similar look,
    try futuraMd condensed. it's still not the optimum, but it's
    way better than most other fonts.

    give a second thought to your color scheme.
    the blue tones are heavy on my eyes, and the grey-golden
    tones at the top don't really fit. try the complementary

    the intro: i'm not 100% sure, but it doesn't look like you
    brought the items that show when the cursor moves over them
    and flashes were brought into a geometric order. why not
    try that with a grid that helpes you to get those elements
    into position?
    be beware of the fact that the position of those elements
    give them a certain hierarchic value. place the most
    important elements on top and the not-that-important ones
    at the bottom. maybe use a geometric shape as hints for the

    the navigation vanishes when clicking at a link. i'd make
    the main navigation ALWAYS and on every place on your site

    hope this helped you.

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    resolved my homepagte

    Yes i know that my homepage is horrible now, butt (hehe) my homepage is NOT done yet...
    that page is just a test page

    butt thank u for the answer u gave me.

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    no Kristoffer,

    i didn't do this site check to tell you that your site is

    i wanted to point out some things that seemed important to
    me and that are vital points of graphic and interface

    when you're at the start of your graphic designers'
    career it's a long and sometimes steep path you still have
    to go, but the only thing that helpes you there is
    experience. go on, and maybe the next five pages will look
    horrible (to you!), but the 10th or maybe 20th will be
    better. and even more important, you learn from the faults
    more than from the thing you did (knowingly or
    subconciously) right.

    so, keep on working and learning.

    it all will be good.

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