Though my first exposure to web design with Flash was well over 2-3 years ago, I consider myself a newbie because I never really got into it because of my work (IS Manager/Network Admin). At any rate, I am working on a new revision to my company's web site and have done it all with Flash MX. The address is and I've posted it for my peers, you all, to view and comment. If you would, please take a moment to check this out; I spent a lot of time on it (and am still not quite finished) and am very interested to hear what my peers think about it. In your comments, please, be brutally honest; I just ask a couple things (1) Keep in mind that I am a NOVICE, so be nice! and (2) Please make suggestions for improvement, not just bash my site because you can do better than me.

Hey folks, I really appreciate your time because I know how busy we can get at times so it's much appreciated!

God Bless!

Jeff Thompson, Jr., MCSE