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Thread: any photo experts out there?

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    hey guys, i was wondering if you gys know how to turn an image of a person on the computer to all black and white and the black parts are only certain "stressed parts" of the person, eyes, hair etc, i cant really explain so ill just use a photo.

    in that picture (thanks bp ^^) the guy in the picture on the left has that black and white effect but with only certain parts blackened, hiow do you do that? how do you make it so that it only does certain parts or something? HOW DO YOU MAKE A PHOTO DO THAT!?

    here's another example of the effect i want to do to a photo:

    please, if you know how to do this, reply or contact me through email thank you
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    Use a fairly large image for the best results.
    Under Filter-Sketch-Try Stamp/Photocopy (there are a few there). Experiment with the settings.

    Or you could try Image-Adjust-Threshold and/or posterize

    The rest is just layer blending, and it looks like a slight blur on bottom image. That should get you started at least.

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    thank you VERY much, i appreciate taking your time to help me it worked perfectly, and i'm beginning to discover some new effects, thanks megatoon.

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