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Thread: Preloader with alpha gradient

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    actionscript5 people,
    I need a hand. I am trying to create a preload which is not simply an _xscale slide. As the percentages start loading in, I would like to program the graphic object, (a large arrow) so that the alpha slides from 0% to 100% in correlation with the typography which is updating the percentages. I understand how to run the type percentage, but am having trouble with the alpha.

    Any solutions?

    You can email me directly if you want, lea@thisstudio.


    FRAME 1 of Root:
    loadPercent = "0%";

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    so if you have a number from 1 to 100 (like a percentage) why not just apply it to the _alpha of the clip?

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    I tried this. You would add this to the instance? I am not sure exactly how?


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    I read the first post and assumed you had tried the obvious. Read the third post and wonder what it is you've done. So just to cover all basses I will tell you what I know from the begining.

    Somewhere you have a variable that counts from 1 to 100 and returns the value to a text string. And you know that this value could be used as well to alter the Alpha chanel of another MC.


    Inside the preloader loop, anywhere after the line of code where the percentage variable is counted you can insert a line:


    (This target assumes your MC, LargeArrow, is on the root timeline and that it is named LargeArrow.)

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    Thanks Mani.

    I will try it.

    Do you know why when I test this I have to hit Control Enter to see the running percentages?

    This is all sort of new to me,


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    Ithink I know what your talking abou when you say "running percentages"

    To test a movie in the Flash Editor Environment I hit "Apple Return" (I use a Mac) and once in that Test Movie Environment I can hit "Apple Return" again to simulate the SWF being loaded over whatever "connection speed" that is check-marked in the "Debug" menu.
    This is how I test Preloaders seeing as otherwise Flash runs right through the prealoader cause it doesn't need to wait for anything to load.

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