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    When I had Flash 5, I was able to view a .swf just by clicking on it. For example, I would have a .swf on the desktop, I would double-click on it and the movie would play.

    Now I have Flash MX and that doesn't happen. I double-click on the .swf on my desktop and the "open with" window comes up as if .swf isn't associated with a Flash Player.

    This is weird because the last time the "open with" window came up, the file (any random file) was *unidentified* and didn't have an icon associated with it. My .swf files on the desktop are clearly .swf's with similar looking icons like the .fla's.

    Any ideas?

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    Right-click the file and choose "Open With>Choose Program". (This is on XP, might be different on your system) Choose Flash 6 Player and click "Always use selected program to open this type of file".

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