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Thread: How does Flash processes animation?

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    I don't know the internals of Flash, but I have been doing Actionscripting on and off since Flash 4 (more "on" since MX). So far for my background.

    The situation: if you have a motion tween in a movieclip, and set some property of the tweened object, you break the tween.

    The question: can you unbreak the tween? i.e. have the tween continue after setting some property.

    I talk about a tween to make the problem more understandable, but it also happens when not using tweens: setting a property of an mc disrupts the relation between the mc and the design-time assigned onstage animation/positioning.

    I guess my questions triggers other ones:
    - How does Flash processes it's animations?
    - How is the relation between an onstage object and it's internal representation (accessible by ActionScript) established?
    - What information is compiled into the swf and what information is only available design-time?
    - Setting a property of an onstage mc seems to override "something", but what is that "something"?

    Maybe someone can point me to a discussion related to this, or some online docs. Don't ask me what I'm trying to do, and suggest it can be done in another way. I'm just curious to the above matter

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    yeah, setting properties break tweens

    You could think of creating a movie clip of your tweened movie clip, and inside this movie clip you would program your properties change, depending on the tweened movie clip frame number

    hierarchy : _root > tweened movieclip > coded_movieclip > original_movieclip

    I hope that's what you searched

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    Well, that's exactly what I was *not* looking for I know I can solve it like this, but I am curious at what level MM implements it's animation.

    I mean: when you break a tween, can you restore it with AS (if so, probably hard to do), or is the link between the object and the programmed animation gone 4 ever? To answer this question, one has to have some insight to inner Flash...

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