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Thread: Need help with a smart clip I found here...should be easy for you wizards : )

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    Need help with a smart clip I found here...should be easy for you wizards : )

    I would appreciate any help or advice on my question. I downloaded the .fla file for a smart clip I wanted to use, it's a scrolling navigation file, however, I do not know how to assign the buttons links, rendering this file useless for now. Below is the URL where you can find the file I am writing about. I also emailed the author but received a reply stating the email address is no longer in use. Thanks again in advance!! : )



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    A smart clip is basically a component in Flash MX. Open the Library, and double-click the SMART clip (looks like the icon of a component).

    Unlock the actions layer, open it up and add, as explained, your actions here:

    function butact(num){
    //start to set the buttons' action depending from it's name
    //i.e. if you press "first" button, it calls this function
    //with the parameter num="first", so i offer you choosing something
    //like this: if(num=='first'){ doSomething }
    // else if(num=='second'){doSomethingElse}
    // etc..
    trace('wow! you just have pressed the "'+num+'" button!')

    // This below is the line I added for button named first...
    if(num=='first'){ getURL("http://www.flashkit.com/", "_blank"); }

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