this thread has something to do with the Hack and design thread, but i guess it can go as a different topic:

Getting software is as easy as taking a it, and crack it, if you have no money....or ask daddy to buy it for you!

Anyway, that leads to a big problem: everyone can have their own design software, meaning everyone can get into design. THE PROBLEM: not everbody is a designer; either you have talent for it, or you learn it in college....but there are also those ones that think designing is getting the software and asking people in forums how to do this and that, and making awfull things....

You see something cool on the internet, and you think "hey, I can do that" but, you don't only need the appropiate software, also the knowledge and lets say also a bit of talent....but there are so many web-designers-wannabes, that are turning the internet into a ****hole!!!!!!

This was my guys have something to add?