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Thread: Designers and design?

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    this thread has something to do with the Hack and design thread, but i guess it can go as a different topic:

    Getting software is as easy as taking a shower.....download it, and crack it, if you have no money....or ask daddy to buy it for you!

    Anyway, that leads to a big problem: everyone can have their own design software, meaning everyone can get into design. THE PROBLEM: not everbody is a designer; either you have talent for it, or you learn it in college....but there are also those ones that think designing is getting the software and asking people in forums how to do this and that, and making awfull things....

    You see something cool on the internet, and you think "hey, I can do that" but, you don't only need the appropiate software, also the knowledge and lets say also a bit of talent....but there are so many web-designers-wannabes, that are turning the internet into a ****hole!!!!!!

    This was my statement...you guys have something to add?

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    I think that everyone starts out small and either it's the boat that floats their way (design) or it's not. I kinda found out that it is my boat, my house so I started out as one of those seeing things, asking on boards, trying. inspired with Flash through gabocorp back then, or through print magazines with PhotoStyler (graphic program that fit on 3 floppies...no PS back then). I was one of them sites who you come across today and say: WTF. But there is always change with time and practice, experience and whatnot.

    There are many internet-designer-wannabees. Of course, but there are also a lot of race car driver wannabees.

    So what now?

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    well, yes, but with car races...you can't hack a car and get it free....ok,hacking software is also illegal, but controlling everybody on internet is impossible....

    so that means you have easy access to everything you need to be a designer, or just making the issua a little smaller, you have easy access to HTML tools.....therefore, everyone can design a site.....and that's why there's so much trash on internet....

    can you imagine if everbody could buy a book: medicine for dummies....and steal some doctor's supplies (tools, or whatever a doctor uses)....and then you read the book and start practicing medicine on your own....it would be awful....and that's what happens with people on internet, they buy a book or read a tutorial, they download a cool program like flash, and then they think they are designers.....

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    personally this is what attracted me to the web in the 1st place ! Anyone with a phone line and a basic PC set up can receive and publish information and its this democratisation and anarchy if you like that attracted artists, business ppl, educators and coders and has shaped this space into what it is today: a mixed economy.

    Not everyone with a cracked version of a design software or legal for that matter is a designer

    Thanks to many who arent formally trained or went to artschool as such, we have seen some really fresh styles and trends that have crossed boundaries and influenced designers who work with other media ie Broadcast, print designers.

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    I can't play the guitar, I sure as hell can't sing, sometimes I'm not sure sure if I can design, but I spent time getting the letters after my name, the experience under my belt and someone now pays me money to do it.

    This job doesn't exactly supply me with what I would consider the best subjects to design for, and sometimes I can't be bothered with it.
    Which is why I spend time doing other freelance projects and just doing things that pop up in my mind that I think deserve a physical presence.

    But that is because there is a passion, and as everything else in life, if there is no passion, you will lose interest.
    Flash and web-design is a relatively new medium and are highly accessible. Granted, anyone can download/crack the software, but it takes a little something else to get to know it and succeed in them. Since design is not Flash, Dreamweaver, 3D Studio Max or Photoshop, they are only tools you use.

    I play a guitar, I'd like to consider myself a musician, but I have heard myself play!
    But thinking of myself as a musician makes me feel better and makes me practice harder.
    The more I practice the more I need to know, so the more I find out about the art of playing.
    But who has ever heard of anyone teaching them self guitar and getting anywhere??!!!

    The point is that if someone gets really into it, enjoys it and ultimately gets involved in the industry, then it's no bad thing, since they will have passion, since they've done it off their own back.
    As compared to some people who just follow a design route through uni, because it seems like a good idea, get a job in some company, but just do what's necessary.

    Design is a very personal practice, passion has to be part of it, other wise there is no point.
    Theory and experience can be gained. Passion is something that you have to turn up with.

    Other people being involved doesn't hurt anybody, it doesn't even harm or dilute the industry, since good design will always be noticed.

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    I could not agree more with you Christian.
    I began playing guitar 15 years ago on my own. No internet available for me at that time to find some tabs, but just hard practising every day. Now I am a musician and play gigs once in a while cos' it's fun.
    Same thing for web designing. Right now I am far from being a pro who could simply walk at 2advanced and say I want a job. But I'm having such a kick at trying that eventually I'll feel comfortable enough to send my cool stuff out there and post a thread in the cool site section.
    Till then: Live with passion


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