only 3 buttons currently used (top left triangle, middle triangle and the bottom trapezoid) for this test

I am making a combination lock and i want the regions on the
grid to glow when pressed and STAY ON until you get the right
pattern. It erases the glow if you leave the grid. I used the button command to make the 3 hotspot areas and "on mouseup" calls child movies for the glowing effect. the "hotspots" were just filled in paint areas for the hotspot image no other images were added in the button dialoge boxes. Under it all (at the top of the "add and element list" is another large button whose hotspot is the whole grid area, and "on mouse leave" i have "hide" and "stop" commands for the child movies for the glow effects.In the editor this works fine as i wanted. BUT when exported the glow effects turn off not only when the mouse leaves the grid but when you touch the hotspots of the other "buttons" you can press.
what is shutting them off?

Are there any other combination lock samples i can find somewhere...and similarly any "put correct item here" samples
from an inventory, thats my next goal.

was hoping this program would save me from my old method of
just making pics for every combination possible-urg!
see original at: