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Thread: General Anime question

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    Hello all,
    I don't know much about the cartoon and anime side of Flash and just had a couple of questions.

    I was looking at http://campchaos.com and other sites like it.
    How are the cartoons done? I know flash, but how are they drawn? From what I've been reading in this forum, people use third party software for the drawing aspect of it?

    I'm just curious. Thanks.

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    There are various ways of doing it, as in any art form. A good way to start is by learning a bit about the animation process in general. If you do this you will soon be able to see similarities. It is possible to draw directly into flash, it really depends on your personal preference and the demands of the project. As for actual animation, flash allows you to take advantage of shap tweens and motion tweens or obects, or you can simply do frame to frame animation. Just start experimenting and reading posts on this forum.
    Hope this helped a little

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    I totally agree. Flash is all you really need to make most of the animations you see. Its just a matter of time and patience as well as learning what works for you.

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