Just wanted to run a concept by those who may have more experience in mathematical equations and functions in Flash than I do, before actually getting down and dirty and working out how...

Basically a Flash map of Australia, or any other country/land mass. Then two points - point A and point B. Then a line drawn between point A to point B (such as a route/road.

Okay, now the more complex part - return other mapped values/positions that are within a certain distance from that line along the entire line.

The functionality of this is obvious - for a particular start and end point of a trip, return all the locations that are between those points. Now, the locations will have their own geo-coding, which I will obviously need to convert to an equivalent x y position, but that's the easy part. Returning a list from the dynamic line created between point A and B is the one that I'm asking is it possible?

I hope I've explanined this well enough.