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Thread: Stopping loops in MX

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    Ok this is the deal,

    I recently like 3 dyas ago got a trail version of MX.

    I'm capable of building a little site with "4", and have a looping background sound, that I am capable of turning on and off with event driven buttons.

    Now when I try the same thing again with MX I can get my play, to re-play the loop etc, but I am not able to even add the stop all sounds functions to the stop button.

    I added the sounds with the , import function, now I am obviously missing something but it beats the hell out me, why the functions that I use in 4 no longer work in MX, is there a way to do this without action scripts, I dont feel that I'm up the that just yet still getting the feel for flash, I come from a pure html / asp back ground, the scripts wont be a porb, but I just want to get the feel for flash first, if you get my drift..


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    Sorry guys its always the same with somthing new, just when you ask for help the answer jumps up and hits you between the eyes, I opened an older site I built with 4 and had a look the see where the functions where out.

    (" In the properties, the same place as where you add the sound, Thats very handy adding the stop function to the drop down, the same drop down where you assign the sound, very clever! ")

    NEway someone have a look at the flash site on my home page, and let me have some feed back


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    had a look at your Homepage and I really like the clouds. Simple effect and you've pulled it off quite ellegantly along with the choice of soundtrack.


    when I wanted to go back and see it again I had to Refresh my browser page cause I couldnt see any flash buttons that would act accordingly.

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    So not bad for a first attempt, then?

    So how would I do that?
    Can I just add that function to a button?

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    Sure make another button like your main navs that tells whatever timeline (MC mabe) that your city scape is on to goto whatever frame it is located at.

    I'm a bit tired and I'm going to bed now
    it's 5:30 AM here (S.F) and I've been up all night trouble shooting MY fla.

    If you want to know visit this thread

    and as far as FIRST sites go I'm still working on my first paid flash project. Hope you can visit via a link at the end of my last post at the refered to thread above. I'm no expert but I'm managing a really huge / fun job.


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