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Thread: flagging mc's

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    ok, heres the problem. when flash accesses a mc it resets my variables. i have traced it through the timeline, and pinpointed when it resets but there is no apparent reason for it. i relaced the mc with a dummy button- it doesnt matter. first time through its fine but it doesnt hold when it re-access this particular label with a mc -it sets it back to "0". there is nothing on or around this clip to reset. what is going on???

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    heres the code

    on (press) {
    trace ("vflag before if-statement:" + vaflag);
    if (vaflag != 1) {
    loadMovieNum ("ext_visual_arts.swf", 2);

    _parent.vaflag = 1;
    vaflag = 1;

    trace ("vflag after if-statement:" + vaflag);
    getURL ("feature/2feature.html", "feature");
    getURL ("va/va001.html", "main");


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    can you give an example?

    explain where you declared the variables and when they go away?

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    ok, sorry about the wait, i was running a few tests to make sure it wasnt something specific to this scene. i made a small mock-up .fla of the situation and posted it at http://www.wombatcreative.com/testing
    it seems that when i flag these movie loads, when i reaccess the mc again, the flags are lost.

    so what happens in this test is
    (on press) a main button calls a mc w/ two animated buttons (green circles)
    on press,these buttons check the flag - load a movie clip and go to another flag on the timeline (buttons going off screen)
    so, again (on press) a main button calls a mc w/ two animated buttons (green circles)
    the variables have reset.

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