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Thread: Kusco tutorial question

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    I thought that I had this mouse over menu problem solved but found that many things are still not working. On this particular file I have a menu that, with a mouse over, displays a new picture with new text in the box on the left. The menu sections "Procedures" and "Virtual Tour" are not displaying the text or the pictures that I set for those buttons.

    After looking at other examples, it seems that I must be going about this all wrong. Could you put me in the right steps for this?



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    Hi pwihms,

    I've downloaded the movie file you have linked to. When I attempt to load this into 3dfa 3.6 I get gfe's which is REALLY bad.

    I suspect it may have something to do with the images being missing. I'm wondering if you can zip everything together for me and include the fullpath so that 3dfa can find it all?

    If you don't want to link it in the forum you can send it to me at kusco@flash-fx.com

    Also, as a suggestion, check that you are hiding all the other images images that is being shown. Without being able to see the movie I'm kinda flying blind a little as to the method you are using to display the text and images.

    On another note, I really like the interface. Nice use of lines, colours and boxes. Welldone!

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