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Thread: 3d again

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    Red face

    i need to copy and paste two layers into one layer...
    what i have is a circle and they are in seperate layers the circles

    i need to get them into one layer without having to physically move them both..
    any ideas?

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    I think I understand what you are saying. (maybe)
    Try clicking on the layer name to highlight it. Then press ctrl+alt+c to copy it. Then click on another layer to highlight it and press ctrl+alt+v to paste it. What ever is on the layer should be in the same place as it was before.

    If that didn't help. Try this: Select everything on the stage in the layer you want to copy. then in the object inspector remember the x,y coordinates. Then in the other layer paste the objects. If the objects are not in the same location,just enter in the x,y coordinates before unselecting anything.

    I'm assuming this has something to do with 3D. Right?


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