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Thread: Cold calling email....do you have one?

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    Erova, absolutely I agree. I think we can also agree that in most situations, personal meeting is the prefered method of first contact.

    I am not saying e-mail can't work... I bet it wouldn't cause any damage either, the worst thing that would happen would be they delete it. Maybe a hand written letter followed up by an e-mail or a telephone call if a meeting is not viable would be a good alternative. If he goes the e-mail route... be prepared to follow up... of the goal is to avoid face to face and voice to voice contact, good luck he's gonna need it.

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    I'm no authority on this subject since I'm probably the laziest advertiser there is

    Actually, I'm totally serious... I don't do jack, I just post my resume once a day and just read my email and answer my cellphone, that's it.
    No brochures, no business card, no flyers, no emails.
    Hell. I've been too lazy to even do my own damn website... even though I meant to last summer.

    But, I get lots of work... so hey, who cares?
    Last year I did think about doing email advertisements for a whole 5 minutes. I mean, sure why not? I have all the software on hand to make that happen, just go out and buy a CD full of business email addresses and fire em off.
    And that seemed like the wrong way to go as I offer more of a beautique service, so email would be the definite way NOT to attract the clients I was after, which is mid to large sized corporations.

    However, if you just want to make a bunch of $400-$1,000 cheapie sites, by all means, email will put you in touch with a bunch of people who would want a cheap site like that and don't expect too much out of it.

    ....hmmm, I wonder if http://www.siteinthebox.com has been registered?

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    Originally posted by erova
    come on hurricane don't be a wus, what's a little restraining order here or there?
    I think it's 30 days and $1,000.

    But seriously (can't believe I just said that), I reckon I'm a fairly competent communicator, so when the guy says 'no', you gotta respect the fella, and when they say 'maybe' for the fourth time, I'll just about call it quits.

    I think I posted this before - 'If at first you don't succeed, then go ahead and try again. But if it still doesn't work after that, give up, 'cause there's no point being a damn fool about it'.

    Of course, if I applied this to my site designs, I'd never get anything finished, but that's a different story entirely.

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    Originally posted by rafiki55
    Originally posted by JFlashK
    I've sended about 400 email to companies in my area and got 1 reply. So I think email isn't the best way to gain clients. That's my opinion

    you wouldn't happen to still have that email, would you? It'd be greatly appreciated if you could post it or send it to me (rob@sign5media.com).

    I still have that email but it's in dutch, so I think you can't do something wtih it, and translating is a bit to much work for me, sorry
    let me know when you want to have the dutch version.


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    just to clarify, because maybe i'm confused, are you talking about mass emailings was the question about targeting specific companies and sending tailored emails to those companies?

    i didn't think we were talking about mass emails with no personalization, or am i wrong here?

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