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Thread: Shorten Frames in Swift3d

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    I just recently purchased Swift3d,
    Overall I really like it,
    Really easy to learn, and the stuff it can do is pretty cool.
    but I seem to be having a problem, maybe someone out there can help me out.
    I'm trying to shorten frames.
    You drag and drop an action on your image and it automatically gives it 40 frames..
    I would like to tell it how many frames but i cant figure it out..
    Please help..

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    Just select where you want the play head to be and then make the move with the track ball. Regards, Bill

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    Or, After dragging and dropping the animation click and drag the keyframes to where you want them. There are different ways to drag a keyframe. You can drag the whole key and move it or you can drag the halves of it. When you mouseover the keyframe notice how the mouse changes to differant directional arrows. Then drag in that direction. This is perfect for timing animation sequences.


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    Thumbs up

    Thanks guys..
    It worked out..

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