This is supposed to be a combination lock. I want the buttons to come on when touched and stay on until you leave the grid (which resets it, by mouse leave the transparent image- as instructed last week). Later i will hope to make the combination part if you get the right series. right now i just want need them to turn on when pressed and stay on unless you leave the area.

I asked before about trouble with hotspots for my combination lock, and was given a runaround solution to use a transparent image instead of a hotspot on the entire grid. It worked when there were only the 3 test buttons but once i got to the eighth one it screwed up for no reason. in the editor the four corners started to light up the two large trapezoids, but in export they lit up the right ones but none of the buttons would stay on with other buttons! ARRGG!
now what?
the export result, and the movie itself are at: