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Thread: PIxel adict needs help!!!

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    Hi everyone!!!
    Im a pixel adict, love pixels, dream with pixels...
    Im new on Flash, and everytime that I import any image (gif, pct, png, bmp) to my movie, it gets smoothed i dont know why.
    Ive tried almost everything that I know (wich I think is too few...)compression, image properties in library window, quality,....
    There must be something Im doing wrong but dont know exactly what it is.
    How can I do to make pixel images look like real pixel images? Even when I right click "zoom in" in the movies?
    Id like to combine flash graphics (paths and smooth graphics) with pixel images.

    U can see an example of what im talking about at:
    http://www.mondotrendy.com (love those guys)

    Thank you very much!!!

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    try importing as a GIF, or maybe PNG, and make sure smoothing is turned off in the library properties.

    Next, make sure its coordinates are always whole numbers.

    use the panels to change a coordinate like X:100.4 and Y:75.1 to X:100 and Y:75.

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    Ive tried all that stuff and its still not working. Ill wait for another posts.

    Thank you anyway...

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    cionvert to simbol, works for me

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    Ive got it!!!!!!

    Just have to break apart the imported images and that`s it.

    Thank you anyway!!!!


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