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Thread: sound under animated mask

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    This was under my previous post,
    "mask made in swift 3d stops underlying movie clip playing"
    but I think it got long and old and no one replied. so heres my question again...

    I have success with the two masks, now I am experimenting with adding sound.
    I created a movie clip to place under my animated masks that contains an audio track. I changed the property to graphic as before, and audio still worked.

    Then I placed the graphic under my animated masks. It animates but I get no audio. Is it not possible to have audio under the mask?

    I thought of this solution, I placed a not visible button with the audio track in its up state beneath beneath the masks. I thought the audio would loop continuously in the up state.
    No luck.
    I placed it in the over state and it works on mouse over. How do I make it just loop with the movie clip/graphic?
    Is the button even necessary?


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    I'm wondering, why do you have to have the audio clip inside the animation? Based on what you said this is how I would do it:

    First, I would make the animation as a seperate MC. Inside the same MC I would put an invisible button on it's own layer with an upsate saying something like:

    OnMouseover tell target:"/audio"
    Go to and play Frame 2

    Next, in I would create a new MC with the music on the second frame. And a stop action in the first frame. Place this MC on the stage and give it the instance name audio.

    I think that this would do it. I'm not sure if it would work because I have not tried it. But it really seems like it would. If you try it post again and let us know how it went. Good Luck

    Alex Hallajian

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