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Thread: snatch effect

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    Hey I was wondering if anyone knows how to do the snatch effet from the movie when they are introducing all the characters in the beginning. it looks like it has the stamp filter applied with a little posterization, but the names look a like worn and despeckled. i can't get the effect to work just right. any info would be great. thanks.

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    Hi just looked online to see what u meant


    i guess u mean the font they use

    these are some good fonts which i got of the net (check the copyright if u are making money with them)

    top one attic is quite close to the snatch font, also i have one called x files looks like smashed glass

    have a look on some free font sites there are so many to look at styles galore

    http://www.acidfonts.com this one is ok but pop ups are mega annoying


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    yeah thanks for the help

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