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Thread: : " (( asp access plz help

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    Plz if any body can help
    i want to take the variable of the final score.. like in game or somthing and send it to asp page ??? does any one know how to do this..
    i need it deadly cause it is bringing down all my work top nothing ,,,

    else,, if what i am asking is impossible ... how can i through it in a database ((acces))
    Please if any one can help
    i am getting crazy about this
    thanks for your helps dudes ..........

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    basically the final step of your game should be
    (assuming data is just an empty movieclip on the stage)
    data.score = the_score;
    data.name = the_name; // if you want them to enter their names
    data.loadVaribles('score.asp', 'POST')

    Make sure to use the POST here, otherwise someone would see
    score.asp?name=his name&score=his score
    in the browser history, and you would probably get MANY false scores


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    thanks very mucj dude .. it looks very easy
    didnt think it will be like this .. thanks a lot ..
    do u have anyidea if i want to send these variable to access database directly ?? what should i do
    : )

    The gready gets more Grdeady when he gets what he wants ....

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