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Thread: Does anyone need flash or html site design?

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    sun microsoft ??
    yummy apple macintosh G4 Tibook 667-1 gig RAM running hot overhere yeah
    no substandard os for me -
    and now i'm going to cut the crap //
    gonna be totally honest with you, but hey that's just my opinion he ...
    no preloader ... 292 kb, ever heard of modem users? you are not a GPIMP ya know ?
    typography ... ??
    those "great" maps ... Illustrator or .. even Flash itself has some great line-art-pen tools in it, try for a moment, you will see they work
    hotspot in your button to "contact" you or in the sound "off" button? (hotspot like in "the 4th frame" in the button timeline )

    as stated on the site itself, you wanted feedback, well here it is. use it. version 1.1.2 can't take long to create.
    and as you may noticed this is a board filled with flashdevelopers and designers ...

    goodluck !

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    There...i added a preloader.

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    1-It's really dumb to post an advertisement for a web design company on a site full of web designers. Not to mention annoying to us.

    2-It's even more annoying to post any site that has that piece of crap Gator pop up.

    3-To repeat just about everyone else. Did you put more than 2 minutes into those maps? You could have traced it from real map, used a real map, probably even found a file on this site with a map that you could have tweaked to for your needs.

    4-Actually it's a G4 and a P3 (which I really need to upgrade, but can't afford to right now)

    5-I've never bragged about my abilities. I'll openly admit that there are tons of guys on this site who kick my ass

    6-Maybe we are immature, but you pissed us off. In addition to being immature, I can be a real dick to someone who desperately deserves it. I'm sure by now there are plenty of people who feel this way about you. Maybe we'll all register subxero.net? And .org, .tv, etc.

    If you left that first sentence out of your original post and replaced it with "I need feedback, opinions, etc.", and didn't get the attitude right away, you wouldn't have everyone ripping on you like this.

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