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Thread: Bad Sound in a movie clip

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    When a sound file is placed inside a movie clip and then that movie clip is instanced to be able to adjust the volume or start of the sound, the actual sound deteriorates in quality when played. It is not the sound itself as it plays fine within Flash and also if it placed inside the main timeline.

    The reason I'm doing it like this is so that the sound (a voiceover) can be synched to the animations and also have volume, stop and play controls that coincide with the action. Obviously just having the sound on the timeline cannot have its volume adjusted and attaching the sound to an object means that when the movie is paused and then started again the voiceover jumps to the beginning and not from where it left off, and also has trouble synching with the timeline. The movie clip idea seemed like the ideal solution but for the deterioration in sound.

    Can somebody please help???


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    Hmmm, obviously nobody could help here.

    But fear not, I managed to solve it myself. When the sound is in a movie clip and set to stream, and then placed on the timeline and instanced so volume or whatever can be adjusted, the sound goes mighty pear-shaped. However, you can cheat and have the sound streaming on the main timeline, and in the action script fool flash into thinking that the _root is actually a sound by using the code:

    mySound = new Sound();

    You can then use any actions on the sound by using mySound as the instance name and it will affect any sounds in the main timeline.

    Don't know if this is obvious to anyone else but it saved me a lot a heartache I can tell you.

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