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Thread: Uploading Files via MX-PHP

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    ..::**Browse & Upload w/ MX-PHP**::..

    I'm using the good ol' MX-PHP-MySQL combo and I'm in need of uploading files from the client to server.

    This is easy to do in straight html with form tag:

    form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="somephpscript.php" method="post"
    input type="file" name="myfile"
    input type="submit" value="Upload"

    This works great with the browse button and everything!

    If I have to I'll create a pop-up html form for each upload, but I can already see the end users complaining about how annoying it is (and quite honestly I do not blame them!).

    How can I do something similar in Flash MX?????

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    There MUST be some elite out there that knows the answer to this!

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