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Thread: Two questions!

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    I would like to know how to make the dimentions of my document and final published movie to be variable, so for instance it will take up 80% of the screen, but be no smaller than 640x480 pixels. If thats not possible how can I make my movie take up a full screen? Also, how do you get a button within a movie clip to play a scene that is back in the heirarchy of movie clips? IE i have a few buttons within a movie clip that I would like to be my main menu, and I specify them to play a certain scene, but they won't play the scenes because they are embedded in a movie. Thanks!

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    Try looking under "Publish Settings". There you'll be able to control the width and hight of you movie (or html-doc.), this only applies if you publish in html and use that on your site.
    Full screen is only possible in Flash 5, but can be done in MX if your fscommands points to a folder calles "fscommand".

    Writing ".root"in front of your actions should solve your heirachy problems

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