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Thread: How can I use Get URL to specify a PDF file to open to a specific size?

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    Every time I use Get URL and specify a PDF file, it opens the document in full window mode. How can I get it to open at say 300x400 if I want? I use the _blank window setting and in IE, it opens in it's own smaller independent window. No problem. In Netscape, it still opens full screen. Still no problem. Unfortunately, the page in Netscape containing the button/link to the PDF always needs to be reloaded once the PDF is closed. Problem!! I thought if I could make it open slightly smaller than full browser size that the underlying page would remain untact without having to be reloaded once the PDF is closed.
    Any suggestions?

    BTW, I know how to specify window size and location for an html document using Javascript in the Get URL box and in the html document itself. Tried to apply the same to the PDF situation with no luck.

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    i do it all the time. i use the javascript pop up window code (there are many), specify the window size and then put the exact path to your pdf file so that the last part of your file location path will end with "yourpdffile.pdf". you will actually open an acrobat window with acrobat toolbars, not an html window.

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    Could I trouble you for a sample script? I've tried what you suggested with no luck. Are you using Javascript in Flash alone in the GetURL box? Thanks again for the help


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