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Thread: Assistance please (( Flash + Coldfusion + mySQL ))

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    i need a bit of help here, this is what i am trying to do.

    a VW club site (fake) with 8 members all done in flash and has the following dynamic components going on:



    -search (if you are a member you can search)

    -results (obviously)

    -details (be able to click any result and get more details on that member -car photo and info)

    -record update (restricted to admin for adding new members)

    I have web space that supports cold fusion, mySQL and php. Now i was thinking and have been told to go for ->> Flash remoting + mySQL + ColdFusion + Flash MX <<- i have so far built the database (all 8 members =) and have the design sorted but am ot sure what the simplest and fastest methoed will be to approach and develop the back-end dynamic part.... what do you think?

    I'm trying to find a tutorial that deals specifically with all of the above things that i want to do and have found null so far..

    if you know where any are hiding or can offer any advice to this newbie ii would really appreciate it. =)


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    for register and login check out the login example at http://www.neuralust.com/~mingdocs or find BigJolt's lab examples or....
    You will notice that you will find plenty of similar things (and people able to answer specific questions) if you stick to php and mysql (and perhaps a few ones if you use perl or postgres instead) but hardly anything on CF
    There does not seem to be anything in your project that requires flash remoting


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    What does require 'Flash Remoting'?

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    yes i cannot find anmything anywhere regarding tutorials, examples that have mySQL-CF-Flash

    people tell me it's the easiest way to go so then i go for it but there are null resources for using these three together..

    guess it's php..

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