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Thread: php forum help!?!

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    I'm trying to set up a php forum on my site.
    In the help file supplied I get the following info:-

    System Requirements: PHP + MySQL
    1: EDITING "config.php"
    if you do not edit this file, your script will not work it is as simple as that.
    You need to set the following variables, changing any other variables is optional



    2: Upload the files and run the script "admin.php"
    If you modified "config.php" correctly and it allows you to login using the adminusername, and adminpassword that you specified click on "create the database tables" to have the script create the necessary tables in the database you specified.
    I have two questions that need answering:

    1,What do I use to create the database [does it need to be a msySql database or is msySql just how the info is interchanged].

    2, My server hosts want to know what connectors I wish use before I can get permission to set this up - I have no idea what they're on about & the more I try to find out from them the more mysterious, cryptic & enigmatic their answers become So how do I find out what connectors I want?

    Please help me

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    Please Help me

    Can anyone help me with this????

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