Per your email
I'm not saying that flashdavo was right and you were wrong, I honestly couldn't care less, what I'm saying is that your later posts were deliberately attacking other members and I feel an apology (through mail or on the board) may be in order
I could care less who is percieved as right or wrong.
And FlashDavo or whoever is the least of my concerns.

What does get my goat is all these people writing dime a dozen FLA's who are all so secretive about it and think it's cool to play the Mr. Proprietary License game.

Fact is, we all owe the internets very existence to people who open source and make their code otherwise publicly available. Apache, BSD, FreeBSD, Linux... oh and now RealMedias Helixx server... all these technologies and more were written and made available for public review and revision at no cost to the user.

Now, we have all these people running around acting like they have some uber-secret FLA. I posted my FLA because I always intended to post my FLA, that was the point of windowmatic lite. To be free for use by anyone, ever since I first wrote it last October. Hell, others have already had it free for awhile now, people sometimes feel obliged to send me a few hundred in the mail. I say cool and thanks, but never ask nor expect compenstation for it. So think nothing of it. Though I will apologize for posting 1.6b which is a between version with some new features and I think a couple bugs... oh well, as the GPL states, "as is without warranty".

I have far better code that is under the GPL as well, entire service architectures even, tens of thousands of lines of code and months of labor... makes the day or two here and there on windowmatic look like nothing in comparison. And I give that code base away for free as well.

The point of all of this is to wake atleast one person up to the fact that they would not be doing what they are doing if in the 80's, early 90's and through to today people were not sharing their efforts. We would not have the Apache webserver, MySQL and postgres would not exist, Linux, BSD? Ha! HTML? XML? JPEGS? OpenGL? Hyperlinks? Hell... the GUI itself was open sourced by Xerox we all owe them for our desktops!
Don't forget, OS X is a BSD/Mach hybrid microkernal, based on FREE SOFTWARE, Steve Jobs even tried to get Linus Torvolds (Mr. Linux himself) to spearhead the OS X development, but Linus didn't like the tech being used (BSD/Mach) so turned the offer down.

So ya, I think it's a little disturbing to see people trying to get licensing fees for some measly flash file and what have you. That is your choice though and I have never and will never say to give up a copyright or hand over ownership, only to consider allowing rights to use and modifications of work the client has already payed for.
You can do that AND keep both the copyright and ownership of your original work firmly intact.

And to be honest, I could care less if you want to be Mr. Proprietary, but ya... I get my nose a little bent out of joint when people try to tell me the DMCA and UCITA are ethical, when in fact they are indeed taking away our rights and handing them to the corps.

Don't believe me?
Maybe you should do some reading, there is much material out there on the subject, and atleast one Congressman is already deeming a revision of the DMCA necessary to address some of the fears they have about the effect on all citizens, since they've seen how lopsided and damaging it is.

I don't have time to get all the links, but is a good start.
A nice piece fo reading is here:
Maybe after reading up you'll wake up and see that there is some bad news a brewing for all US citizens, whether they code or not.

And ya, I take that a little personally, but I've also seen that many around here only care about this when it directly effects them... I remember a thread a couple weeks ago where everyone got there panties in a knot over Paladian, and DVD broadcast flags. Seems a little 2-faced to me,
to be proprietary with an .fla but angry over someone shutting your DVD off. And that is why I split as website is not the place for me.

But since razor sent email, thus my reply.
I am sorry if anyone thought I was being to critical of them. As the only thing I am critical of is the loss of liberties I have been seeing the last couple years, mostly due to the governments ignorance of technologies role and the translation of our rights into the digital genre.
But, also because they are just trying to make the corps happy, but the actual people they serve aren't getting the representation they deserve and need. And in the end, I'm sure it will all work itself out, but in the meanwhile, it's frustrating seeing so much hang upon the precipace.