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Thread: Working with Dual Monitors?

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    actionscript necromancer
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    I am interested in hearing how anyone has their computer set up with 2 monitors. I know it CAN be done, so that your desktop is the size of two monitors, and your mouse goes back and forth, and obviously this would be a huge advantage working with flash MX, as i often have too many windows open for it to be comfortable even at a high resolution. For those who have done it, does Flash MX work well with two monitors?

    What I want help with is this: I want to have an expanded desktop, not two monitors showing the same thing. So, if you have two monitors setup (on Windows XP preferably), how do you do it? if you already have a good graphics card is there a way to get another car which will split it or do you need to buy a graphics card that specifically has two monitors out? and lastly, how difficult is it to do this, do the monitors have to both be the same size / resolution? I have many questions about this, but I don't know anyone who has done it, so if anyone can give me some advise, I would appreciate it.

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    all you need is a second port for your other monitor (there's video cards that already have 2) and i guess it'll be pretty easy to install. Check the Display properties -> Settings -> Advanced.

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    I don't think you can set up two seperate cards fro dual display. ALth there may be some sort of software (mainly drivers). That will allow it. Not to sure tho.

    I use a Matrox G400:

    As for the actaul set up. It's just like any other piece of hardware. Take the card pop into the AGP slot and you mothe board. Install the drivers, and plug in moniotrs and that's it. I am running on W2K Pro, not Xp.

    As for size and resoltuion of teh monitors. The card takes care of that. I currently use a 19" and 17" monitors. I figure the 17" is perfect for all the tab windows.

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    the traveler
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    well i know you can have 2 cards and do this with win 2k because that is what i'm using right now. i just got a cheapo 16mb card for the 2nd monitor.

    now the new machine i am migrating to has an nvidia gforce 4 ti 4200 64 meg card which has the capability for a dual gig right there on the card.

    the newer cards will have this feature built in without the need for using a second pci slot.

    so to answer your original question shadeth, just buy a 2nd card, put it in, hook up the 2nd monitor as usual and position it to the side of the main monitor. reboot your system. then on the desktop. right click anywhere and go to the properties > settings tab and check the "extend desktop" option to your 2nd monitor. piece 'o cake. same thing on XP i believe.

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