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Thread: --> Will give my wife in return for your help!

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    Ok, so I'm working on this project and I can't get a function to work correctly. I have a navigation bar with seven buttons nested in MC's on it. On the root I've got a function called reset(), which is supposed to reset all the buttons before highlighting a clicked button.

    It's difficult to explain, so I'll paste some code:

    This lies on the first frame of the main timeline...
    function reset() {

    *Sorry about the greek!!! *

    Anyway, the point is that the instances of the MC's containing the buttons are called "xairetismos", "erga", etc etc, as mentioned above.

    Inside the MC's, I've got two keyframes, the first of which is the button symbol, and the second is just the plain MC highlighted but not converted to a button (hence rendering it "disabled").

    Upon pressing a button, the button tells the movie clip to run the _root.reset() function and then go to the second frame to highlight the user's selection.

    NOW... everything works fine, but the buttons won't reset! I guess it doesn't run the function for some reason...

    This is the button's code:
    on (release) {
    getURL("xairetismos.html", "content");

    If anybody can help, it would be of real great help! Thanks in advance!

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    Finally! I got it! Thanks for the first 4 people that read my post, hahahaha!

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