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Thread: We are looking for a team of Flash users!

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    I'm looking for serious individual(s) who are looking to
    advance their portfolio in Flash. Together, with my talent and yours, we'll create example sites to show to an employer that will be sure to get you the job you want.

    1. I'm trying to get input from individuals like yourself.
    (Finding people who are interested.) I'll find 4 Flash users (I think more than 4 would make the project too complicated)
    who are good at programming in Flash.

    2. After we have a "team", the five of us will brainstorm
    website ideas >> maybe someone would have the idea to
    market Harley Davidson Motorcycles. (After looking at the job market and talking to a recruiter, I found that you have to have at least four examples before an employer will seriously look at you as a candidate.) We can set a time in a live Yahoo! chatroom and discuss our web page ideas. We'll then vote on the ideas and go to work on them.

    3. After we have our page goals established, we'll ask
    ourselves what do we want contained in the site. After this is determined, we would then divide the work evenly. (One
    programmer would be responsible for creating the preloader, another would be responsible for creating actionscriping for
    another element, and so on.) I would create the graphics,
    which would be emailed to the appropriate member. This would also require good communication between the programmers.

    Here's a link to my portfolio:

    Here's a link to a Flash page example I created(Pangburn's):

    Interested? Email me at jason_moree@hotmail.com

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    yeah that sounds pretty cool,
    I im going to be starting as a freelancer but need flash jobs to show off in a portfolio ( like u said) I know flash 5 and mx, Dreamweaver 4, html, some javascript, and i can make original sound loops for the flash stuff.

    Email me please of interested:


    thank you

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    I am Atul, I read your idea and would like to join with you. Basically I am an Electrical Engineer but now switched to software Industry. I have a few experience in the software industry, specially in the e-learning buisiness. I used Flash 5. I know HTML, XML and other softwares like VB VC++, etc. I am much interested in Action Scripting. Right now my one Movie named as "Calculator" is in the Top 100 Movies and in this week its position is First.
    Pls don't take its meaning otherwise. I am not trying to show how great I am but I want to make a point that I can do the part of ActionScrpting. If u found it worth to include me in the team pls communicate further to my following email IDs

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