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Thread: Pixel Font Issue

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    Hey font gods,

    I have a question i'm working on my website and i used the font Mini 7 and i have some problem with it looking blurry on OS X. I work mainly on the mac, but i've see my site on a pc and the font mini 7 looks fine, i've even viewed my site under Classic mode(OS 9) ... and the font seems fine, but under OS X it's all blurry, of course i could have addressed this in mac section, but i wondering if anyone had this problem. My friend told me it has to be the flash player, i'm just wondering if thats true or is it OS X since it anti-alias text in some application. Yes i could probably make the text all gifs but this would be very time-consuming, can any one solve this.


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    Pixel fonts should work the same in MAC or PC.... make sure you follow the guidelines

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