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Thread: my mac doesn't like OX 10

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    Smile my mac doesn't like OX 10

    hello there,

    I work on mac G4 /450 , system 9.2...I recently installed flash MX , but the program runs sooooo slowwww...every little thing has a pause of 10 seconds and when I lounch it, it tries to connect to the web brower ( I am on dial up) ....Does any one know why this happens and how I could fix the problem?

    It also crashes on dreamweaver mx...is my system not compatable with MX? I can run illustrator 10 with no problem....

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    I use PC running Win2k Pro at home and never have problems with anything, but I use a MAC G3 at work running OS 9.2 and it runs slower than my PC version, but that is normal for any app I run on that thing. Not as slow as you suggest though. There is one thing that bugs me and that on the MAC version of Flash MX it takes like 10 seconds to open up the actionscript window...even if there is one freakin' line of code.

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    I have G3, OS9.1. Launching also automatically connects to the phone line. But that is intended I guess by Macromedia because of the update option. What slows down opening MX is low memory. I upgraded my memory which definitely helped. The actionscript window takes a few seconds although I have no comparison to a PC. But despite very occasional crashes I am quite satisfied.

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    im on a dual 1GHZ G4 with 1 gig RAM OS 9.2.2 and MX seems to run just fine for me.

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