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Thread: Problems with flash cutting the tops off of videos

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    Problems with flash cutting the tops off of videos

    I'm creating a gallery for flash video. I'm using flash mx2004, and sorenson. I compress the avi's to wmv. The videos are pretty short and small, and they are going on a cd.

    I have the menu in one swf. Each movie is in their own swf.

    The videos are having the tops of them chopped off when I bring them into flash. They are 320 x 240, flash decides to import them at a size of 270.1 x 185.9. I'm just importing the wmvs directly into flash.

    I checked all the videos to make sure sorenson wasnt doing anything wierd, and all the videos play fine outside of flash.

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    Why go to .wmv first? Just export out of Sorenson as .swf or .flv.

    I suspect your problem may be your conversion aspect settings in Sorenson. Without checking your numbers, I'd say you have it set at 2:3 when it should be 3:4 or vice-versa.

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    I'm using Flash 8 so I can't tell you exactly, but look carefully through the options when you import the wmv. There should be a place where there is the option to resize the video (it might be hidden in an "advanced settings" option window).

    Something to remember - if you bring in any video file other then an FLV (Flash Video) into Flash, it re-compresses them with it's native codecs (in this case, Sorenson Spark). This is redundant - compressing the video twice will introduce more errors and noise into your video.

    One good workaround for this is to use a 3rd party program to compress your raw AVI directly into an FLV. FLV's are imported directly to the library, without any re-compression, OR re-sizing. I've gotten excellent results with the FREE Riva FLV Encoder. Check it out @ http://www.rivavx.com/index.php?downloads&L=3

    [edit -- I'm an idiot, I just noticed you're using Sorenson... which is far better then Riva. ]

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