Hello all! Thanks to be here!

I need to make a scroling sequence with specific target.

The menu have to accelerate/decelerate depends of his position from the target. I know that I need many variable to do that but just don't know how to coordinate all...

So do you have an idea?

Var: current_position
Var: target
Var: speed
Var: distance

so when you click the buton 3 the menu strat to accelerate from down to the top 1.........2.......slow down......3 stop there.

I tink it's posisble to do that one several frame?
1st: initializing variable
2nd: condition verification:
where i am?
where i am going

(where i go- where i am) = var dist
do I scroll up/down start scrolling


Can you help me...

Thanks! BEn