I have a main movie and I have to load another short 20 second movie into it.

I have done load movie etc and it loads but the position of the inserted movie is not what i want ..

I tried reading the help files and i understood that I should use target .. ummmmmm but i'm new to this :'(

this is what i had with the level specified .. and it worked but in the wrong place .....

loadMovieNum("C:\\Julie\\FLASH\\NOMusic\\Reds Movie.swf", 5);

so i tried this .. (target ?? - I put the name of the file .. :S)

loadMovie("C:\\CSI\\FLASH\\NOMusic\\Reds Movie.swf", "Reds Movie");

setProperty("Reds Movie", _x, "650");
setProperty("Reds Movie", _y, "450");

ummm .. it did not think much of that at all

3 hours i've been trying to move this thing grrrrrrrr

Please can someone help me ??

thank youuuuuu