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Thread: Positioning of movie

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    I have a main movie and I have to load another short 20 second movie into it.

    I have done load movie etc and it loads but the position of the inserted movie is not what i want ..

    I tried reading the help files and i understood that I should use target .. ummmmmm but i'm new to this :'(

    this is what i had with the level specified .. and it worked but in the wrong place .....

    loadMovieNum("C:\\Julie\\FLASH\\NOMusic\\Reds Movie.swf", 5);

    so i tried this .. (target ?? - I put the name of the file .. :S)

    loadMovie("C:\\CSI\\FLASH\\NOMusic\\Reds Movie.swf", "Reds Movie");

    setProperty("Reds Movie", _x, "650");
    setProperty("Reds Movie", _y, "450");

    ummm .. it did not think much of that at all

    3 hours i've been trying to move this thing grrrrrrrr

    Please can someone help me ??

    thank youuuuuu


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    The easiest to achieve the results you want, is to position the "to be loaded" within itself. Thus open up your RedsMovie .fla (by the way, I would avoid spaces in file names, it'll get you in trouble someday!), and on it's first frame add the follwing:

    this._x = 650;
    this._y = 450;

    Then when you load your movie, it will be positioned where you want it to.

    You can position it in the main movie, but you can't do it, until the movie has fully loaded, and certainely not on the same button script that loads the movie. In that case you would refer to the level you have loaded your movie on. In your case:

    _level5._x = 650;
    _level5._y = 450;

    But remember, especially with movies loaded on other levels, you can't do that before you're sure the movie is fully loaded. Positioning action should be set at least a few frames after the loadMovie action. In this case you might have a jump in positioning and that's why I suggest you preset the position (when you can!) in the "to be loaded" movie itself before loading it.

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    YESSSSS !!!! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    hehhehe it works fantastically now

    tytytytytytytytyty (K)


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