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Thread: bug not making movie work?

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    I found that my flash movie sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. If the site viewer has flash5 player the movie will not fully load and remain stuck on the first frame.
    I made my flash site using flashmx and if I publish it for a flash5 player I get links and buttons that wont work so I have to publish it as a flash6 player. But like I said earlier, if someone comes along to view the site with a flash5 player, the site wont work for them.But if you have flash6 player it works 100% fine.
    Is this a bug with flash mx/flash 5 or is there a work around.

    Can any one shed some light on this subject?

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    make sure your not using any mx specific code.

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    Uhm I already have completed the site using mx code and in order to do a couple of things, I had to use mx code I think. Is there any thing else I can do.

    When I plublish the movies to a flash 5 movie all I get are errors.


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    Luckily, you can use the PUBLISH settings in MX and have it detect in Flash 6 format.

    To do this... go to FILE...PUBLISH SETTINGS...click the HTML tab, and on the template DROP DOWN menu, select DETECT FOR FLASH 6. Once there, publish your movie. Now, edit the HTML file that is created. Once here you can edit what the viewer who doesnt have the Flash 6 plugin. It is towards the bottom...

    	document.write('Whatever you want the message to say when they dont have Flash 6 plugin');
    </ SCRIPT>< NOSCRIPT>Whatever you want it to say</ NOSCRIPT>
    That help?

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