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Thread: Need some help updating a flash site

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    I am making a website for my friends band and i was wondering if i could build the website but let them do updates on it. The updates will only be a small paragraph on the first frame. any help will be appreciated cheers in advance

    Tom :D

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    If the updates are really only going to be text, you could build your flash site with a loadVariables to get the text from an external .txt file. The band then only has to update the .txt file. There are a few ways to that: asp, php, let them upload new .txt files, etc.


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    yeah but these have no website building experience and i was wonderin if i could build a page just for the members (like a form or something) so they just write the upd8 in there and then they press submit and it updates

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    Sounds like a dilemma I have/had. I designed a Flash site for my friend's band for free, and it is not a priority to me, so when they needed updates, it was somewhat put to the side. Then, I decided to use dynamic text loaded from a .TXT file, and using basic HTML 1.0 format they were able to update their site w/o me. I am pretty sure you can train one of the band members to update a .TXT file. It's nothing hard.

    For dynamic text w/ scrollbar:

    HTML formatting for the text file:

    Good luck.

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